Samantha Post is Royalton's April Artist of the Month

Samantha Post has been named Royalton High School's April Artist of the month. She is the daughter of Molly and Brian Post and is a junior this year. Post know at an early age that she seemed to have some artistic talent, but it wasn't until her middle school years that she took it more seriously. 

"Since I first started school, my favorite subject has always been art class." stated Post. " Around eighth grade is when I started to take art more seriously and began working to develop my skills. In high school, I have taken many art classes which really helped me apply myself into improving my technique. Mr. Halverson’s positivity helps push me and other students to work on getting better in any medium of art. The art room is definitely my favorite room in the school. It just has such a peaceful atmosphere, which really helps me want to create, regardless of how I am feeling prior to entering. It’s a place where I can totally get into a state of flow and the only thing I need to worry about is what color I should put where.  Of these pieces, my favorite is the cartoon self portrait I did in photoshop as an assignment for my Design class. I enjoyed the process of making it. It made me learn and apply photoshop tricks that I had never used before. Creating art will always be my favorite hobby."
"In my eyes, Samantha is an extremely unique individual," stated Royalton Art Instructor Carl Halverson. "I guess it would be tough to be called an 'Individual' if you weren't 'Unique' though wouldn't it? Unique is one of those words that really define a student with this kind of a mind set. It is rare that a student has the strength to define their own path in life rather than take the safe, well traveled path that most other students travel. Someone once said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Sam began 'breaking her own trail' early in her high school years. It's through this kind of strength and confidence that she is able to convey her message in so many different ways. In her Elements of Design project, you see her eyes focus on her Line Box, composed of a childhood theme and grow in confidence as a person and artist all the way to her Form Box, which shows a snapshot of her future, ten years after graduation." added Halverson. 
"The final Future Box is one that kind of defines me as a child, and also where I see myself in my future," said Post. "It reminds me of some of my favorite childhood memories when my brother and I were camping with my mother, who is the seated figure. One day in my future, I see myself playing the part of the seated figure in the chair, hopefully introducing my own children to one of their favorite childhood memories," she added.
"I'm unsure what profession or direction that Samantha may go after graduating from high school next year," said Halverson. "Her computer graphic and visual art skills are on top of the top in our high school. In every art class that she has been involved in, her finished piece is usually viewed as "the mark of excellence" by which every other student measures themselves or aims for. 'Unique' to most students who travel in groups or herds following a path that would be admirable in the eyes of most parents and educators, Sam Post moves quietly and silently on her own path. Also 'unique' to most, she also has a future vision that focuses on other people; namely the most important people who she may ever influence or impress: Those being her own children, sitting by a campfire at a distant campground, creating something that is both "Priceless" and "Beautiful" in the 'Eyes of the Beholder' who should rightfully mean the most."