January Student of the Month
Congratulations Thomas

The faculty of Royalton High School has named Thomas Fountain, son of Jackie and Matthew Fountain their January Student of the Month. He has three brothers; Matthew Jr., Andrew and David and a sister Elizabeth. Thomas is the middle child and has lived in Royalton his whole life. He has a grandpa that lives with them. His sister Elizabeth is in college and the brothers are working.

Thomas’s favorite class and teacher is Small Engines with Mr. Robert Skwira, who is Royalton’s Agriculture teacher. The reason why he would choose Mr. Skirwa as a favorite teacher is because he is one of the few teachers that can teach you something that can be used later in life. Mr. Skirwa also believes “Thomas is a great student at Royalton High School; he is a hard working young man and takes pride in what he does. He has integrity and cares about doing what is right. The thing that I appreciate most about Thomas is his positive attitude. He is always smiling and makes being a teacher the best job. Mr. Eric Goodrich, Counselor at Royalton said “Thomas is a gentleman and a scholar.  Mr. Joel Swenson, Middle and High School Principal stated that “Thomas is an excellent student with a great personality.  I have enjoyed watching his successes in school and in activities during his time at RHS.  He was a big part of our football team’s success this fall as a motivator and leader among his teammates.  Thomas has a bright future and I am excited to see what he pursues after high school.  The sky is the limit for Thomas.”
Thomas is involved with quite a few activities, Y.E.S. club, College Band, Honor Roll, Contest Choir, Baseball, Basketball and Football. Thomas does not have just one favorite memory regarding high school, he has too many to list.
He plans on attending some sort of schooling for something while working at a full time job.
Thomas’s advice to freshmen students is said in 4 statements: “Do not let any teachers put anything in your head that you do not want there”.  “Do not judge a book by its cover”.  “Live up your high school careers as much as you can because they will be over in a blink of an eye”. Last but not least “Do YOU, not him or her, YOU”.
He sees himself in 10 years living life the best he can and probably living in a house and maybe having a child or two. He will be making a way for his family to make sure they can live the best life ever.