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Dates Content Essential Questions Skills Tasks Assessments
Week 1 - 3 Storybook Illustration  What is a storyline? How do I create characters for illustration?  Creating original idea and illustrations.  Drawing and coloring pages . 10 page story minimum.  Drawing each page, using colored pencils and markers for completion. 3 points daily work points -  20 points on book.
Week 4 & 5 Elements and Principles of Design Chapter 2 - Understanding Art text What are the elements and principles of design? What are the primary and secondary colors?  Learning elements and principles of design.  Students will apply these to an 8 square design project using each of the elements and principles. Dividing an 8x10 piece of paper into 8 squares.  Drawing and coloring each square to represent the elements and principles. Two 10 point quizzes - one on elements, one on principles. 5 pt. design projects -  one on each. Chapter 2 Review - pg. 27, questions 1-19
Week 6-9 1&2 pt. Perspective     Chapter 13 Art of the Renaissance-           Linear Perspective Identify types of linear perspective; How was it done? How do artists use it to create depth in their works? Using T-squares and drawing boards to create 1 & 2 pt. perspective scenes.       Practicing buildings, city and rural scenes with drawing tools.  Designing letters in one point perspective.  Coloring lighter shades to create depth in drawings. Chapter 13 questions and review on page 227.  1 & 2 pt. perspective final drawings - 10 pts each.  
Week 10-13 Art of the Middle Ages  Chapter 12 Gothic Architecture -    Romanesque castles  What images were used in stained glass windows? Name three common features of a Romanesque caste. In groups of 3-4 students, castles will be designed and constructed as models out of cardboard, paint, etc. Research the Middle Ages through an intro from chapter 12. Learn about stained glass, gargoyles, towers, etc. and find out how and why they were built this way. 10 points for the book assignment and review on page 209. 10 points for work on finished castle with drawbridge, tower, and weaponry used during this time period.
Week 14-15 Art of the 19th Century - Chapter 15  Understanding Art.  Watercolor paintings within styles. Who were some of the important 19th century artists and what influenced their work? Creating works within the painting style using techniques practiced in class. Research the 19th century-chapter 15. After being assigned an artist, write a 250 word reportand then paint a work within that style. Chapter 15 questions and review on page 273; report on artist 10 points and 10 points on painting project.
Week 16-18 Neoclassic Stage Design  What elements of design were used to construct neoclassic scenes? In groups of 3-4, design and build a 3 dimensional model for stage sets. Describe, analyze, interpret and judge their own set models. Cutting, gluing taping cardboard and fabric to construct stage sets and props. 10 points on stage design; 10 points on written interpretation of play that may appear on set. (page 253)

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