December Artist of the Month, Congratulations Emily

RHS December
Artist of the Month
Emily Ferguson
Emily Ferguson was recently honored as Royalton High School's December Artist of the Month. Ferguson is a junior and the daughter of Hannah Heller. She joined the Painting 1 class offered at the high school level, and after completing her first complementary color study of a still life, was asked to join the Painting 2 class. In this class, students work at a more advanced/independent level.    Going
"    into the art room and seeing all of the amazing things that are      completed from of the minds of RHS student-artists is very inspirational. Mr. Halverson helps students let out their creative ideas through their art works." stated Ferguson.
"The large canvas was painted for my mother. She picked it out and has the place that it will go when it is ready for it to be hung. The painting next to it is an original abstract piece that came from my mind. The colors that I chose set the mood for the painting. Colored blue-violet lights shine down on a dancing manikin while a seated figure sits below in the shadows. The meaning is whatever it means to the viewer."
"Emily Ferguson is extremely gifted." said RHS Visual Art Instructor Carl Halverson. "She understands color theory to the point that creating her original work speaks volumes to those who are willing to listen. Many students never get to the point that they have enough confidence and technical skill to do more than copy a painting or drawing from a completed source. It's this next step shown here that we strive for. They are shiny, brand new pieces that are as unique to the viewer as the student is to our school and to the world. Not only are they "the original" but they also display excellence in the areas of technical composition, use of various media and the relationship between human kind and nature. These one-of-a-kind student works can show the power and beauty of a thunderstorm while softly whispering a message that comes from the artist's emotional state. It's a higher level of thought. Recently, I've been visited by former students who have been amazed by Emily’s technical skills as well as her creative expression. What's even more amazing to me is the fact that she is an inspiration to anyone she meets as a fantastic young person who uses everything she's got to become the best that she can be. There is no reason to copy anyone when you are gifted enough to be "the Original."
Ferguson's work will be on display in the High School's Art showcase outside the Media Center through January.