December Artist of the Month, Congratulations Ali

Allison Moga, daughter of Tracy and Jim Moga, was named the December Student of the Month by the faculty of Royalton High School (RHS).
Alli’s favorite class is Spanish because it sparked her passion for the Spanish language and allows her to learn something new every day. Ali’s favorite teachers include Mrs. Melanie Cimenski, Mr. Ron Makela, Senora Lindsey Gruber, Mr. Chris Coppicus, Mr. Carl Halverson and Mr. Marty Bratsch because they have all helped her find her voice, be that through writing, speech, music, travel, photography or community service. “Over the past few years, Alli has become an excellent writer. Our student-teacher writing conferences are more of a dialogue between colleagues,” stated Mr. Makela, English teacher at RHS. “Her willingness to listen to constructive criticism, her desire to be a very strong writer, and her dedication to every paper makes her one of my best students. She is a great role model for young girls.  Mr. Coppicus, band director added “Alli is a leader in everything she does, in music playing the saxophone, in drama acting out different personalities, or in school achieving at the highest level.  We are a better school with students like Alli Moga.”
In addition to being active with volleyball, basketball, track & field, and Y.E.S. (Youth Energy Summit) group, Moga is also involved with many of the clubs at Royalton, including Spanish, Yearbook, Drama, Speech, One Act, Youth Group, WE Day, BPA, NSH FCA, jazz, marching and pep band. Y.E.S. program advisor Marty Bratsch commented, “Ali's work is impeccable. Her concern for school and community is only matched by her desire for herself and others to do their best. She has been involved with our Y.E.S. program for several years and successfully helped implement several of our major projects. She has been recognized by several lead people within the Y.E.S. organization as a highly knowledgeable student with excellent communication skills. After one of Ali's presentations a fellow coach asked me, ‘where did we find such a remarkable student?’”
A handful of Moga’s favorite high school memories occurred in the band room with her fellow musicians. “Whether it is squirting each other across the room with the iPhone water gun, watching band movies with Boyd, to practicing British accents or cringing when Laura empties her French horn, they are memories that will stay with me for a lifetime,” laughed Alli.
After graduating, Alli plans to attend Winona State University where she will major in Spanish Education and possibly minor in Photography.  She sees herself in ten years teaching Spanish to elementary students at a small catholic school, while raising a bilingual family at home. Her summers will be spent traveling and volunteering in central and South America with her best friend Jordan by her side.  If she had to give advice to freshmen students, it would be “give as much of yourself as you can, for it is in giving in which you receive.”