November Artist of the Month
Shelby Lemmerman

Shelby Lemmerman, daughter of Leah and Joel Lemmerman, was chosen as Royalton High School’s (RHS) November Artist of the Month. While she is just a sophomore at the high school, she has been working on an AP college portfolio for two years. “I have always loved art.” said Lemmerman. “Drawing, painting and sculpting have always been a big chunk of my life. Now, to think that I have about a half of my AP college portfolio finished is an amazing feeling. It’s like I am slowly forging ahead and grabbing the key to my future. With each day, I am getting closer to my goal; a strong, finished college portfolio, which may help me to earn a scholarship.” “The quantity of this young lady’s work, is only surpassed by the quality of her work,” said RHS visual art instructor Carl Halverson. “I have seen hundreds of students enter the art room with a lot of talent. The difference between those with talent and those who really excel in the visual arts area is their work ethic and Lemmerman named RHS Artist of the Month for November Submitted photo Shelby Lemmerman pictured with two watercolor pieces she has finished, as well as three other pieces of art, in a twoweek period. ability to focus,” Halverson said. “Shelby actually has finished five different art works. The focus and work ethic was the driving force as she completed all five in about two full weeks. She has also completed other acrylic and watercolor paintings, drawn a charcoal piece, and worked on her wall mural outside the art room.” Halverson said Lemmerman separates herself in a work space many times, so she gets the most out of her time, a disciple, he said, that will be necessary in college level studio courses. “Her AP concentration, which is 12 works all done with a central theme in mind, is extremely strong already. In fact, I have witnessed ‘good work’ pulled out of her portfolio and replaced with ‘excellent work’ more than once. Her love of horses, passed down genetically, has helped her to focus not only on her future, but focus on her artworks which may just help lead the way.” Lemmerman’s work is on display in the art showcase outside the high school Media Center."