Hello, my name is Brenda Fischer and I am excited to teach in Royalton!  I am looking forward to this year and I’m committed to being the best teacher and role model I can possibly be for your child.  It is my goal to make the material covered in my classes interesting and relevant to the students.  I want your son or daughter to come home thrilled about what they learned in my class that day and eager to share it with you.
I am originally from Alexandria, MN.  I earned by Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science at the University of Minnesota, Morris, MN.  I have an extensive background in the Social Science field of teaching.  Some of the classes I have taught in the past include seventh grade US History, eighth grade Geography, ninth grade Government, tenth grade US History and twelfth grade World History.  In addition, I have extensive experience of over-seas travel with student groups; I have traveled to Europe over twenty times.  These trips have given me a wealth of information so I am more prepared to answer questions, make my classes more dynamic and explain things more thoroughly so students can grasp the information more easily.   
During the school year I use a variety of instructional techniques.  I most often use lecture, storytelling, student presentations, posters, class discussions, flashcards, and a cool review game that I developed.  I also use a variety of methods to measure student progress.  I frequently use short-answer tests and quizzes but I also use student presentations, discussion, games, and clearly defined rubrics to evaluate student learning.   
In closing, I am looking forward to meeting all of you and getting back in the classroom after enjoying my summer vacation because I truly love to teach.  We are going to have a challenging and productive school year with a lot of learning taking place.  Information for each of my classes is on Google Classroom.  The links are listed below.  
If you have any questions or need to contact me about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to stop by my room or e-mail me at  .