Elia Bergamaschi is March Artist of the Month!

Foreign Exchange Student Elia Bergamaschi has earned an elite honor in the states as he was named Royalton High School's March Artist of the Month.

    He is the son of Daniele Bergamaschi and Petra Bachmann from Bolzano, Italy. He entered Royalton high school last fall and also entered an art room for the very first time. What he discovered there was something that also was a first: a talent in the visual arts.
    "In Italy, our school system doesn't include art classes unless you go to an art centered school, so being able to take my first art class here, opened me to a whole new world." stated Bergamaschi. "My first art class "Art Techniques" was a perfect introduction to this new world, I discovered my talent in drawing, ceramics, and painting. The skull painting was my first painting ever, I had no idea of how to start. Mr. Halverson told me to blend the paint starting with the snake's head and slowly the snake came to life. This painting began as a class assignment, but became a fun project and a challenge to see how good I could do. When I want to succeed in something I really try to put myself into it and this painting was the same way. I worked without distractions in and out of class and after many hours I could finally call it finished. Even though I'm a senior here, when I go back to my country, I'll have one more high school year. After that, my future is uncertain. I will go to college but I don't know in what field. Who knows, maybe something that has to do with my newly discovered art talent."
    "Elia may be in another country, but his patience, determination and work ethic mirrors many talented young artists who earn artist of the month honors." said Carl Halverson, Royalton's Visual Art Instructor. "The painting was a first in a series of monochromatic works that followed basic color theory studies in watercolor and pastels. From the first day of mixing gray scales and blending them from dark to light in a palette, Elia's determination brought him to higher level of success. He watched many students rush to finish these practice scales with poor results.  Instead, he took his time, and continued to improve on a daily basis. As he blended the snake's head from dark to light, he applied these learned techniques to create a light source that most of his classmates missed while they were rushing to finish. This same work ethic, patience, determination and concentration continued from project to project, leading him to succeed at a very high level in many different areas. Add to this mix, a blend of good-natured personality traits and a pretty quick-witted sense of humor, and you've got this talented exchange student, who, in my opinion, has a very bright future ahead of him."