January Artist of the Month is Marshall Meehl.............

        Marshall Meehl, the son of Robert and Cheryl Meehl was chosen as Royalton High School's January Artist of the Month. Meehl, a junior, not only is gifted in the visual arts area, but also has been a leader in the area of Ad Sales and Marketing by being part of the high school yearbook staff. He is one of the main reasons that the Royalton High School Yearbook Staff was honored by Jostens in 2016 for earning first place in the entire state of Minnesota in the area of student coverage.

       "In our school, art is not just drawing or painting, art is bringing an idea or dream to a reality." said Meehl. " Art is an outlet for me. It's a different way to express myself. I'm always trying to expand my skills into different types of art. That's part of the reason why I joined yearbook, so that I could become better at design, photography,and photoshop. I didn't know I would also be using sales and marketing techniques to fund a $12,000 product called the Royal Yearbook. I'm not just learning business from a book or doing a worksheet. I'm actually funding an actual business with real money and selling advertising to help fund our product. That's Yearbook. Business and producing works of Visual Art will always be a part of my life as it is in my family at home. I will definitely use these skills in some way during my post-secondary education and one day, in my career." said Meehl. 
     "Marshall is a big reason that our high school and middle school yearbooks have been able to be offered at a lower cost to our students." stated Art Instructor and Yearbook Advisor Carl Halverson. "This year's book would have been much smaller in size than it would have been without his out of school extra efforts. When one staff member out produces three or four other staff member's efforts combined, the entire school benefits. Next year, the book will be able to afford all of the bells and whistles offered on the menu. A small sampling of his artistic skills are on display in this photo. A clay sculpture of his ceramic shoe, detailed to the "Max", sits in front of a computer generated self portrait. The original pencil sketch behind this work, is an action figure that he created in an imaginary world. I don't know of many students who carry their talents into different mediums as easily as Marshall does. Behind that sketch is the face of an amazingly talented, hard working young man who holds one of the most powerful positions in our school. As a future Senior Editor of the yearbook, he has the power to make every student in our school feel important and worthy by making sure that each student is pictured in our book at least three times. Royalton High School was awarded "First" in the state of Minnesota by Jostens in meeting this criteria in 2016. With Marshall leading a great Royal Yearbook Staff, we look forward to the largest publication that our school has ever seen in 2018.