October Artist of the Month
Congratulations Hannah!

Hannah Cimenski has been named Royalton High School's October Artist of the Month.
She is the daughter of Greg and Melanie Cimenski of Royalton. She chose the subject of her painting, Albert Einstein, to paint a double ceiling tile in a monochromatic color scheme.
"Einstein has always been such an inspiration to me. He never listened to the negative people, nor did he find time to criticize or judge people. He worked to expand his mind and inspire others to be the best person they could be. Mr. Halverson has also been a big role model for me. Like Einstein, he helps shape and build a person's passion into a creative outlet. He is so dedicated to his students lives and the art program, that it really inspires me to be as open minded and creative as I can be. He says that your artwork should be meaningful to you.
He´s helped me through tough times and helped shape and build my skills as an artist, and along the way, I've learned to look for the positive in others and the situation. This past year has been a very memorable year for me, I've been working on multiple paid commissions and winning some amazing awards for my artwork. If it wasn't for the strong role models in my life, such as my wonderful parents, amazing teachers and devoted friends, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I hope to share my artwork to help inspire others in not only my art class, but with those in my future. As Einstein once stated, "Creativity is contagious, pass it on."
"Students like Hannah Cimenski have what my mother used to call "the Shine." The shine is the ability to take your gifts to a higher level. One may write and perform a song without the knowledge of being able to read notes. Another may create their version of a visual image in a unique way for others who could never see its true beauty. And the shine works in building relationships as well. For example, My wife and I have been married for over thirty years. When I look into her eyes, she looks exactly how she did the night I first met her. So, even people capture the "shine' through their imagination. Einstein once said, "Imagination is far more important than knowledge."
When I first read this I was thrilled, because I think that my high school SAT score was about the same number as my shoe size. Hannah Cimenski's ability to "shine" comes in many different mediums, colors, thoughts and actions. Her imagination is the driving force while her technical skills, artistic interpretation and inner being strive for this level of excellence. And best of all, she looks to see the best in her artwork, and more importantly, in the people who are blessed enough to get to know her as a person. Thanks Hannah, for making me look good, which in turn, makes my classroom shine. Shine on.
Cimenski's work will be featured this month and the entire school year in the high school art showcase next to the media center.