Course: Study Skills
Teacher: Amy Krueger
Course Description
Study skills is a class that takes place in the resource room setting. This course gives students an opportunity to work on task completion skills, organizational skills, individualized education plan goals, character education, and a time where students can obtain assistance on their assignments.
Rules & Expectations
            Be Respectful
            Be Responsible
            Be Prepared
            Be Productive
            Be Safe
            Be a Peacemaker
** The use of cell phones in my classroom will result in them being taken away until the end of the day unless permission is obtained from the teacher prior to useCell phones will never be allowed in my room when there is a test being completed. 
Points will be given in the areas of Attitude, Effort, Interpersonal Skills, Organization, and Utilization of Time (A, E, I, O, U).   
A   100-93%
A-  92.9-90%
B+  89.9-88%
B    87.9-83%
B-   82.9-80%
C+  79.9-78%
C    77.9-73%
D+  69.9-68%
D    67.9-63%
D-   62.9-60%
F     59.9% or below