Physical Education 10: Syllabus

PE 10 Syllabus
PE 7 Syllabus
Physical Education
Mr. Marwitz
Course Requirements:
Dress code:  Students must furnish their own fitness attire for PE class. This could include attire for outdoors.  Be prepared for colder fall weather. This includes: appropriate gym shirts, shorts or pants, and shoes (must be tied so not to fall off).  Follow student handbook for dress code in class.  Don’t forget to bring home clothes once a week to get washed.  Then, don’t forget to bring them back!!!!
  • Physical Education class is not extra-curricular sports.
  • You are expected to participate to the BEST OF YOUR ABILITY each day. 
  • Many types of ability levels in a class. 
  • You will not be graded on your skill, but your effort and attitude are most important, as is with life. 
  • We participate in a great variety of activities, if you don’t like one, wait a week, and we’ll be on to something else.  NO WHINING!
RESPECT for others, yourself and the equipment. SAFETY your top priority in this class.  Any infraction of these guidelines will result in your removal from an activity and/or class.
There will be 4 points daily for each student, based on… 
  • participation
  • dress
  • sportsmanship (attitude, respect)
After 3 “no dress” days, a student will lose all points. For each day after 3 a call will be going home to parents.  If problems arise with dress, please contact Mr. Marwitz.
Locker Room and Lock Procedures:
Each student will be supplied a lock to put on their gym locker.  If failure to do so and your personal items are stolen, we are not accountable for your loss.  Make sure you keep your items locked up when you are not present.  Replacement of lost locks will cost YOU $5.00. 
Locker Room Rules:
  1. No horseplay
  2. No CELL PHONES IN LOCKER ROOM. I see them, I take them. Don’t bring them to the locker room or the gym.
  3. Attendance will be taken in the gym. Do not leave locker rooms until entire class and teacher is ready to go to the gym.  Do not enter the gym until the teacher is with you.
  4. We highly recommend showers be taken after PE class.  You will be given 10 minutes to shower and change.  Toiletries are to be brought from home and kept in your own locker.
  5. Stay in the locker room until the bell rings. 
-Report all injuries to your teacher on the day the injury occurs. 
-If for some reason you cannot participate in an activity, you will be expected to participate in an alternate activity and/or do written work, packets.
-Phy Ed is important to the growth and development of students.  Our program provides a variety of activities for students including students who have an injury, chronic illness, or disability.  If you are in school, you are expected to participate. If a student is not participating, they will be given work sheets to complete for credit.
-To be excused from participating, an acceptable written response must be received. Acceptable responses include:
  • From a parent or guardian ( for 1 day)
  • From school nurse
  • From a doctor (must have a specific time frame and activities to be excluded from)
  • If you miss more than 2 days in a quarter, you need to make up the PE time before or after school to receive credit for those absences.
-Chewing gum is not allowed in PE class.
-Proper treatment of equipment is expected. 
-No swearing, teasing, or harassment in class or in locker room.
- Leave the radio alone.  Teacher will adjust volume and stations/cd’s.
-Please use proper hygiene techniques after class (Deodorant!!!!!!!) Must supply from home.    Stay away from sprays!!  They can affect other people and their allergies.
  1. Warning/Loss of points
  2. Kicked out/Written up
  3. Sent to office and call to parent
Fire Drills, Tornado Drills, Lock Down Procedures
  • Where we go, what we do if we are inside or outside.
  • Expectations of behavior during drills
If I am gone
  • Make sure you are behaving appropriately and participating well.
  • If a substitute writes down anybody’s name in their notes, for any reason, that student will be written-up.  No questions asked.
100 – 93    = A
92.99 – 90 = A-
89.99 – 88 = B+
87.99 – 83 = B
82.99 – 80 = B-
79.99 – 78 = C+
77.99 – 73 = C
72.99 – 70 = C-
69.99 – 68 = D+
67.99 – 63 = D
62.99 – 60 = D-
59.99 – 0   = F


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