Beginning Weight Training: Syllabus

Weight Lifting Syllabus
Weight Lifting
  • Students will put together an individualized program to follow throughout   the semester. ( 1 each quarter )
  • Students will follow this program to improve strength, flexibility and overall fitness.
  • Students will complete a "fitness final" requiring them to complete 100 push-ups and crunches, at the end of the semester.
  •  In addition they will demonstrate and explain an exercise they learned about throughout the semester.
  • There will be written mid-term and final exams.
  • Students will fill out chart they created each day and earn a maximum of 2 pts/ day for completing their workout.
  • Students will follow all weight room policies posted in weight room, including picking up weights and equipment when finished.
  • Students will change clothes and be prepared to workout immediately, each day, including a warm-up jog. 
  • Students will create a fitness plan-20pts, 2-day max of cardio, 2 goals, create own log sheet, this will be okayed by instructor before working out with it. Students will be expected to lift a minimum of 3 exercises or muscles each day. Each students' folder will include graph to track progress, notes from class, we will change workout at mid-term, 
  • 2 points per day for fully completing daily workouts with complete effort and completed daily log (~170 points for the semester).*
  • 20 points for completed, daily workout, with goals (1 each quarter).
  • 20 points for completed progress chart, turned in at end of semester.
  • __ points for written mid-term exam.
  • __ points for written final exam.
  • 20 points for physical strength final test.
  • 20 points for lifting demonstration final. 
*Acquiring daily points will be based on whether or not the instructor feels you are working hard enough to earn them.  It is subjective and students need to make it obvious that they are working and earning their grade, EVERY day. 
Grading Scale:
100% - 90% = A
89.99% - 80%  = B
79.99% - 70% = C
69.99% - 60% = D
59.99% >  = F

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