Project lead the way

There is a large concern held by government officials that the United States will soon suffer a significant shortage of trained enginering and technology. Because of this a curriculum was designed to educate students to these areas and give them hands on activities that will not only relate to technology and engineering, but also promote math, language arts and science apptitudes. This last summer I spent two weeks in "project lead the way" training through the University of Mn.. Teachers from Minnesota Wisconsin and Indiana were trained to help deliver the project lead the way curriculum.
This marks the first year for students at R.H.S. being involved with project lead the way. We have chosen to start students with the Gateways to Engineering curriculum at the middle school level . Since this is the first year of this curriculum, I will be teaching it to both the 7Th and 8th grade sections. Technology has one of the largest impacts on our daily life, yet few of us have a good understanding of technology is. Through Project Lead the Way, students will gain an awareness of technology and how it effects the world we live in. Students will also investigate the types of engineering along with the impact they have on our lives. We will research possible avenues for education and vocations in these exciting vocations.