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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School year!!!!!!!
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I hope you all had a fantastic summer and are ready to begin yet another school year! I was certainly busy with house projects, maintaining a swimming pool, and hanging outside with the kids and dog! And now, here we are, about to begin another chapter in our lives. I look forward to being with you during this chapter in your lives.
About me...This is my 11th year teaching here at Royalton. I cannot imagine myself anywhere else, so here I will stay! I graduated last June with my Masters in Education!! It was the most difficult endeavor I have encountered with many personal "obstacles"  that occured during the 18 month program. I am better person because of these obstacles that I endured and persevered through. I would have never imagined myself with a Masters in a million years! 
I have 2 girls, Brooke is 9 and going into 4th grade this year. Carly is 5 and entering kindergarten this year. A milestone for her and for myself as this is my youngest and she is starting school.frown Brooke is my drama queen, art loving, happy, energetic future professional singer and astronaut!! Oh and she wants to be an art teacher as well! She is very spunky but has the biggest heart and loves life! Carly is my sweet, angelic, caring, tomboy (but still likes skirts and dresses) that will be my future all star in sports. She has the sweetest little voice that you can't say no too. She loves swimming, biking, riding the 4 wheeler and electric scooter, waterparks and Wisconsin Dells. Then we have Bruno, our miniature pincher dog! My, my is he a handful! A spunky little 9lb, year old, little devil with angel wings. He can be so sweet and loving and then be a "turd bomber" as I call him. But, he has brought much joy to me and my girls!
So, that is my story and I hope to learn about all of your story's. I wish everyone luck on the school year and can't wait to see all the wonderful changes our school will be going through this next year and half!

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