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My name is Jeff Schoenrock, this is my 19th year of teaching mathematics here at Royalton High School. I am currently teaching Algebra, CIS Intro to College Algebra, CIS College Algebra, CIS Precalc. and ACT Math. My wife Amy and I have been married for 14 years and have 4 awesome girls. I am a graduate of Hinckley/Finlayson High School (1991), Bemidji State University (1995), and St. Mary's University (2002).

We adopted Pearson text books and online support.  Each student will have access to a textbook electronically.  They also have access to a tutor and help videos.  Please take advantage of your child's access to google classroom.  All or most homework and lessons can be found here.  Google classroom will be more useful than my website. Assignments will be much more accurate.

https://classroom.google.com  use this to access google classroom and login using your child's school email and password

Here are the websites to find your child's assignments

Period 5 Algebra
Period 6 algebra
period 7 Algebra

Intro to college alg
Google classroom:

access  class codes to use if your childt hasn't joined yet

algebra period 5 clgcb4
algebra period 6  5h2kcm

algebra period 7 ojxsys0  letter o start end number 0

intro to college algebra  1tkzc5

precalc x4jos6a

Use these to help you with learning how to do your homework.

Khan academy 
Purple Math
http://www.emathhelp.net/calculators/general/algebra-calculators/         I found this calculator will show you the steps in solving.  Just click on the appropriate calc.  

Please use your skyward family access to stay on top of your childs grades and homework completion.

My school phone is 584-4219 and my e-mail is . Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns


Contact: Jeff Schoenrock